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About Cross Over Hoops

Cross Over Hoops is a basketball training organization dedicated to engage and train basketball players of all levels to succeed on and off the court.

We not only want to help our clients improve at the game of basketball, but we strive to develop personal relationships and provide mentorship. They are much more than just clients and we care about them far beyond the game of basketball.

We love the game of basketball, but we love Jesus more! Basketball can be a great ministry opportunity, which is why our goal is to use basketball as a platform to build relationships and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our number one priority is to teach our clients about who Jesus
is, how much He loves them, and what it means to follow Him.

Cross Over Hoops - Darrell Johnson

Mission Statement

  • Sports life is short.
  • Real life is long.
  • Eternal life is forever.

Our mission is to invest in all three areas and to keep them in the proper perspective for our clients.
Cross Over Hoops - Sarah Cline

Core Values

Faith - Our primary obligation is to represent Jesus in everything we say and do.

Excellence - We strive to provide the absolute best training experience possible.

Integrity - We strive to do what is right in every situation.
Cross Over Hoops - Ashton Jaco


We will fight to protect our mission, our core values, and our clients at all costs. We have high standards for the people who are involved with Cross Over Hoops and the way we conduct ourselves. We continue to learn and grow as trainers in an ever-changing world in order to provide the best training experience possible, but we will never compromise on what Cross Over Hoops is all about.
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