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Cross Over Hoops Apparel

Cross Over Hoops offers a variety of high quality apparel, including t-shirts, shorts, hats, and more! There is something for everyone with adult and youth sizes available. Shop now by clicking the button below!

Cross Over Hoops Apparel

Personalized Shooting Breakdown

Cross Over Hoops offers personalized shooting breakdown videos where we analyze your shot! We've done hundreds of these over the years and receive extremely positive feedback! Click the button below to get more information!

Cross Over Hoops Shooting Breakdown

20K Shot Club

Cross Over Hoops is offering a program to help players improve their shooting by getting up 20,000 game shots from game spots this summer! The detailed daily workouts include videos and tables to track progress. Click the button below to get more information!

Coming Soon!
Cross Over Hoops 20K Shot Club

Dwell Differently

Dwell Differently offers multiple scripture memorization tools, including the temporary tattoos. Click the button below to check out what they have available on their website!

Dwell Differently Cross Over Hoops
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